A day in the life of… Beth Husted, Rehabilitation Services Manager

29th March 2017

I manage a group of Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants, from their day-to-day case management to overseeing the operations of the rehabilitation team. The best bit? No two days are the same!

5.30am – My day starts bright and early as I get up and head to the gym. After that, it’s all about getting my four-year-old daughter ready. (And that’s not to mention sorting out the dogs, cat and rabbits.)

8.00am – It’s time for work. My job takes me all over the place. I live in Essex but there are rehabilitation consultants spread far and wide – Manchester, the Midlands, Scotland. As well as that, Unum’s head office is in Dorking. But today I settle into my home office, getting up to date with emails and setting my goals for the day.

9.00am – Next I look at cases that have been referred out to the team, making sure that they’ve all been allocated with a consultant, talking with team co-ordinators, looking at referral numbers and upcoming calendars. The majority of our cases are pre-claim – they’re people who are either at work and struggling or they’ve just come off work. Stress issues are very common and it’s vitally important that people get the support they need before those issues develop into broader mental health problems.

11.00am – Today I’m off to the EB Connect conference in Waterloo. I’m presenting so I practised it out loud a couple of times. A few calls came in from consultants while I was doing so with queries on best practice for case management. The team is so skilled and knowledgeable that they rarely need my advice, but they also have large caseloads – around 25 cases each. I love this part of my role, supporting consultants and helping people with their return to work.

12.00pm – On the train to the conference I caught up with emails and made sure the team was getting on ok. I arrived a little early so I had time to catch up with some of my colleagues in sales and from our dental business, as well as grab some lunch.

1.45pm – Presentation time. It’s a 20-minute presentation on mental health as a workplace asset. It went really well and, despite the post-lunch timeslot, the session was fully booked. I like public speaking a lot, especially when it’s a subject that’s so close to my heart. I’ve given this presentation a couple of times before but this time I added some new bits – I’m trying to open up about the fact I also go and have cognitive behavioural therapy. I’m trying to promote my own personal mental health and I really want to push the message of ‘positive mental health’ and taking time to be mentally AND physically healthy. It’s not about getting the point when you’re ill, and then going back and getting help – it’s about actively supporting individuals in the workplace with emotional and physical wellbeing.

2.30pm – Following the session I had a few people come to the Unum stand to talk to me about the presentation. Some wanted to probe my brain about how to implement practices, others were insured by Unum already so just wanted to see what we had to say in person.

3.00pm – Sadly, I couldn’t stick around for too long because I had to get back for a call so I jumped back on the train and headed home.

4.25pm – Just made it in time to speak to one of our customers on the phone. I’m delivering a workshop to their HR team next week on sickness absence management so I wanted to chat through logistics, location, technology and attendees.

5.00pm – My working day is almost over but first I check in on the recruitment process. We’ve been hiring recently and I’ve been working closely with the recruitment team to find the perfect candidate.

5.30pm – Work done for the day, all that’s left to do is pick up my daughter and enjoy a cuddle. I love the fact that my working day is never the same – and but her little smile is a great way to end it!

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