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Claims and Customer Care at Unum

As well as handling a range of different claims and developing specific services to help clients manage employee absences, we also help to manage risk for our customers. This means we work closely with employers and brokers, as well as rehabilitation teams, to make sure clients and their employees get continuous support. We believe most employees want to return to work and we do more than anyone in the market to help facilitate this.

There's a real buzz about working here. We're a hard-working, fast-paced, fun team, with a commitment to giving customers great service and delivering great results for them.

It's about aiming to be the best and coming up with new ways to make us better. So, we take responsibility for our actions and work together to make sure we treat customers fairly and always exceed their expectations.

Join us and you'll be working with people from across the Unum business at all levels. If you have a positive, can-do attitude, with the ability to think on your feet and a willingness to learn, you'll enjoy working in a team where your skills and ability are recognised and rewarded.

Our claims and customer care teams

Claims Consultants

Claims Co-ordinators: We lay the groundwork for the claims process and are the first port of call for any queries regarding claims. If we make an error then it affects the process further down the line, so it’s very important that our work is as accurate as possible.

Claims Specialists: This is the point at which our customers see the value of the product as we assess the functional ability of those Employees who become absent from work.We contribute to the success of Unum as we confirm the validity of claims; working collaboratively with other departments and exceeding customer expectations at all times.

Operations Development

Support Customer services division with training and development requirements. Currently supporting approx. 400 colleagues in the UK. In the L&D team your main focus is supporting others, have excellent communication skills and be patient. Everyone learns differently and at different speeds. They must also be confident with technology and consider ways to provide a learning intervention without too much disruption to the business area

Qualified Doctors and Nurses

The nurses and doctors within Unum provide medical advice on claims submitted. We ensure that our business partners have a clear understanding of the clinical situation for a claimant; and likely future clinical management plans. We also help to gather information required on a claim, including calling claimants to discuss their medical situations; and writing to treating practitioners. As a nurse within Unum you have to be able to convey complex medical information to educated yet non medically trained colleagues in a comprehendible manner.

Rehabilitation Consultants

We provide support to employees and employers to aid a return to work or retention in the workplace for those experiencing health related issues. This can help to reduce claims which benefit Unum and the client, whilst also providing support to an employee. Our regular communication with our clients makes us the face of Unum so Customer Relations is a huge focus.

Technical Services

We provide technical support and guidance to the claims teams as well as working on projects across the organisation. We handle customer complaints as well as corresponding with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Meet some of the team

Bal. Lead Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

The first thing that attracted me to Unum was the work. It didn’t sound like a traditional insurance company.There seemed to be a real focus on supporting clients with their challenges as an employer. That was over 12 years ago and I’ve since had three different roles. I started as a Claims Management Specialist then became a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant before recently taking on the role of Lead Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant.

One of the reasons I’ve stayed so long is that I work with different employees and employers every day, which makes my role interesting and varied. The company is keen to progress people too, not necessarily into management, but other roles which they may be interested in. Another thing is the people. Everyone is passionate about making a difference and happy to help where they can. I get to work with many colleagues in different business areas and have made some very close friends along the way.

Calum. Claims Co-ordinator

I’m a relative newbie at Unum, having joined in March 2017. I remember before I came for interview, I had a look at its website and saw lots of quotes about employees being the most important part of a business and a valued resource. That made me feel like Unum was a place that I wanted to be part of. Indeed, it was particularly important to me, as I hadn’t experienced anything like that at any previous companies I’d worked for.

I soon discovered that the people working here are very willing to help, even when they’re busy. They’re a really approachable bunch and happy to lend a hand whenever possible. I get along well with everyone in my team on a personal level, which isn’t something you find everywhere. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere, the range of employee benefits and the people you work with - these are just some of the reasons I love working at Unum.

Jo. Lead Insurance Nurse Specialist

After ten years in the NHS I was ready for a change when I saw an advert for Unum in the nursing press. I’d never heard of Unum or Group Income Protection, so I researched both. The more I looked into the company and the product, the more I liked them, particularly knowing that I'd be providing financial security to an individual during a time of illness, meaning there would be one less thing for them to worry about. That really appealed to me, and still does to this day.

It was clear to me that Unum was offering an innovative and collaborative environment where I could really add value and use my clinical expertise to achieve the end result of better recovery for our customer’s employees. Then there’s the variety. I know it’s a cliché, but no two days are the same here. Maybe that’s why I have been at Unum for over ten years and seen lots of great people come into Customer Care, often with little experience in insurance or the medical world. It's very rewarding getting to teach them all the medical terms, particularly when they get the pronunciation right!

Sarah. Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

Some of my colleagues from previous companies made the move to Unum and their feedback immediately made me interested in working here. I eventually joined in July 2015. The Dorking office is lovely to work in, with amazing views and facilities. I love the opportunities and diversity that comes with the role because we provide such a wide range of services including vocational rehabilitation case management, employer training and account management, as well as having a variety of projects to get involved in. There’s never a dull moment!

I feel that at Unum we’re always evolving with the times, which makes it a forward thinking and creative place to work. The culture of the business is very positive. The company supports each employee’s interests and career ambitions too, while our new ways of working environment encourages collaboration with colleagues in other roles and departments.

Clayton. Claims Management Specialist

Initially, I saw Unum simply as a stepping-stone for me to gain experience. I started as a Life Benefits Specialist assessing a small proportion of claims in a small team. Two years later, due to the support of others, I have become a Claims Management Specialist and picked up valuable assessment and medical knowledge along the way. The people, the support and the amazing atmosphere have made it such a great place to work that there’s really no reason for me to look anywhere else!

Everyone at Unum is approachable, friendly and always happy to help you - they really want you to achieve. This creates a buzz around the office and makes collaborative working really easy. The work’s great too, particularly the satisfaction you get from providing valuable support to those in need. We don't just look at the ‘hard facts’ but get to know how an individual is personally affected. The feedback we get is amazing and gives me a great feeling of making a real difference.

Where our teams are based

Not all our roles are available in each one of our Unum offices. Here are where you can find the Claims and Customer Care roles that you're interested in.

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